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Tired of Back Pain? are we.

Women wearing a bac support pillow

Meet Jackie, creator and founder of the Lumbar Loft portable back support pillow.


After suffering from constant low back pain due to a car accident several years ago, she was determined to find a solution to help her feel "normal" again.


She found that regular pillows didn't offer her enough support and wouldn't stay in place while she slept, so she created one that did. Now she is ready to share it with others in hopes that it will bring them comfort too.

USE The Lumbar Loft Inflatable Back Support Pillow for Comfort While:

  • Sleeping on soft beds

  • Laying on soft couches

  • Sitting at your desk

  • Driving in your car

  • Flying on an airplane

The Lumbar Loft is also known to bring relief to those who are bedridden, and could prevent bed sores due to sedentary behavior.

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