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A Great Nights Sleep

I am a pet groomer and my back aches after a long day. Sleeping with the lumbar loft gives me a great nights sleep now. I noticed I only need to inflate it a little and it feels great!

      Patty K

It's Like a Good Friend

I love my new lumbar loft!! The lumbar loft is like a good friend! It helps me to feel better when I am feeling bad(due to lower back pain) it provides comfort and helps me to relax. I mainly use it when I am on the couch watching TV or reading a book. It provides great support to my lower back as the cushions on the couch tend to flatten and loose firmness. I can honestly say I am so glad I found this product! Good job lumbar loft!  

      Rose O

I Love Sleeping with Lumbar Loft

I love sleeping with my new back pillow and like that it attaches to my waist so I don't have to wake up and move pillows around for my support.  I blow it up ever so slightly because I don't need a lot of cushion but just enough for some padding.

      Michelle B

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